Warm greetings from the Society for Humanism (SOCH) Nepal, a Humanist non-profit organization that advocates for Human Rights and promotes scientific thinking in Nepal. SOCH Nepal focuses on promoting scientific thinking to aim at reducing the suffering and human violations caused by superstition and imposed beliefs. SOCH Nepal was founded in 2005; within its short life, SOCH Nepal has already earned significant outcomes in policy as well as grass-root level. The society is devoted to promoting humanism according to the Amsterdam Declaration 2002; SOCH Nepal has carried out various activities to create awareness among general people, and pressurize government agencies. 

Our Initiatives


Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet; the scenery, the culture, and the humble people. Nepali society is a fine example of diversity, peace, and respect. As an under-developed nation situated between two of the world’s biggest economies, India and China

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SOCH Youth

In 2006, some freethinkers, and humanists joined hand in hand to promote humanism, value human ability, and fight fundamentalism. They lead an Organization, which is now well known as Society for Humanism

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SOCH School

Established in 2004, Ambience International School initiates 200 students under the age of 16. We aim to provide an international level of education to the Nepalese students at affordable price implementing world's best methodolog

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SOCH Cooperative

SOCH Nepal has established its own microfinance organization called Humanist Multipurpose Cooperative to empower its members financially. More than 500 members are associated with the cooperative a

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महिला शसक्तिकरण तालिम - कुरीति तथा मैनबत्ती तालिम

महिला शसक्तिकरण तालिम - कुरीति तथा मैनबत्ती तालिम

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